1. Nude photography:

more in gallery NUDE photography

Monika Ney Monika Ney Monika Ney mn

2. Portrait photography:

more in gallery PORTRAIT photograph

SONY DSC gportret2 gportret3 gportret4

3. Fashion photography:

more in gallery FASHION photograph

SONY DSC SONY DSC fashion4 fashion1

4. Decorative photography:

On special order I make photographs that are part of interior design.

more in gallery DECORATIVE photography

dekoracja1 dekoracja1a dekoracja1b dekoracja1c

dekoracja2 dekoracja2a dekoracja2b dekoracja2c

dekoracja3 dekoracja3a dekoracja3b

5. Artistic photography:

more in gallery ARTISTIC photography

gartyst5 gartyst4

6. Callendars:

On special order I make wall and stationary calendars with photographs, also with the company logo.




7. On sale:

Please send enquiry on the e-mail address: