about me

profiloweomnieMonika Ney( born in 1985 in Katowice) graduate of The Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, The Higher Study of Photography of the National Culture Centre and Warsaw Film School of Bogusława Linda and Maciej Ślesicki. The character and style of her works was shaped by the frequent theme of nudity, classic and surreal photographic portraits, often playing with blurred vision. She also works with decorative photography custom-made for interior decoration. She is an owner of Ney Gallery&Prints.

Photography is my passion, and I approach it comprehensively. A variety of subjects awaiting immortalization in photography stimulates my imagination. Every new challenge encourages me to develop my skills.

My viewers’ emotions inspire me to create images which are not necessarily obvious and literal since it is the individual’s perception that I value the most. In my photographs I try to capture moments which fade away and flee quickly, which are yet so precious.